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Commercial Window Films Make Good Business Sense

Whether you want to increase comfort because tenants are complaining about rooms that are too hot or You want to conserve energy because you notice energy bills are trending too high or you want to increase safety and security measures to protect against accidents, natural disasters, break and entry, bomb blasts, bullets and flying glass fragments or you just simply want help making your glass meet code. We are ready to help you find the right solution.

  • Lower Energy Costs – reduces air conditioning costs in the summer and heating bills in the winter.
  • Temperature control – reduces up to 78% of the sun’s heat enabling year-round comfort.
  • Skin Protection – blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation.
  • Glare Reduction– Open your eyes more comfortable in any room, at any time of the day, reducing annoying glare andimproving visibility on your TV and devices.
  • Safety & Security – Enhance the appeal of your workspace while keeping your employees, customers, and visitors safe.
  • Furniture Fading – Help protect your floors, upholstery, and furnishings by reducing the effects of fading over time and making them look worn, discolored, and out of date.
  • Privacy and Style – available in many shades and hues, so you can create custom looks and enhance your office privacy with your own personal style.
  • Warranty – all commercial film products are covered by a full manufacturer’s warranty which guarantees you will never have to worry about difficulties of film bubbling, peeling, fading, delaminating, cracking, or changing color.